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Tsianakas & Associates Law Firm

Tsianakas & Associates is a forward-thinking Greek Law Firm with a track record of successfully supporting and advising top-tier national and multinational corporations, financial institutions, and HNWI. 

Our Philosophy:
Legal Insight.
Business Instinct. Tailored approach.

Combining our diverse mix of deep knowledge, experience, talent, and original thinking, our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers and business professionals focuses on developing client experience-based innovation. We seek to continuously sharpen our approach and ensure proactive consulting.

We strive for excellence and we practice as a team, sharing a profound mindset that, working together, we can overcome challenges and deliver great results.

Our Founding Principles

For us at Tsianakas & Associates, quality service is a dignified and honorable pursuit. Our values are integral to the way we act with each other and with clients.

Knowledge & Expertise

We achieve distinction through our work. Many of our lawyers are leaders in their field and highly accomplished, combining technical expertise, experience, and commercialism to help manage risks and achieve client goals. It is our competitive advantage.

Focus on Solutions & Service

We strive for the highest personal, ethical, and professional standards. Offering quality service and life-improving solutions to clients is the principal reason for our Law Firm’s existence. It is why we are committed to our profession.

Transparency & Communication

We set clear and realistic expectations and provide a constructive, meaningful evaluation based on deep knowledge and facts. Our communication with our team members, our clients, and our professional encounters is defined by openness and honesty. It is why our associates work with us and clients choose us.

Collegiality & Inclusivity

We promote mutual respect and team play among ourselves in everything we do. As a people business, we are committed to inclusion and recognize that original thinking requires a diversity of experience. It is why people join us.

Innovation Mindset & Culture

Alongside our legal practice, we invest time and effort toward positive reform in the legal system (see more in Our News & Insights section) and we strive to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. It is because we believe in change for the better.