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Tsianakas & Associates is a forward-thinking Greek Law Firm with a track record of successfully supporting and advising top-tier national and multinational corporations, financial institutions, and HNWI. 


Public & Administrative law is a crucial offering at Tsianakas & Associates, covering with the same solidity all fields of public law, both in its classic and most modern applications. We advise and represent our clients before courts in a wide range of large-scale projects in the areas of public procurement, energy law and environmental licensing.

Complex cases involving the protection of human rights, such as those related to administrative sanctions, disciplinary law, tax law, asylum applications are most successfully handled by our team before national and European authorities and courts.
Our approach of a second-to-none expertise reflects our work ethic and commitment to face successfully intricate issues for our clients with the ambition to assist in the formation of legal precedent before the Council of State.

Tsianakas and Associates Law Firm is widely experienced in handling cases in all fields of private law, namely business and property transactions. Our team consists of fully-dedicated and highly-experienced lawyers who are committed to assisting clients in complex and challenging cases, thus achieving optimal outcomes. We have solid experience in advising and representing clients at all levels of civil courts, including the Supreme Court.

Our exceptional specialist corporate lawyers offer a wide range of services to help clients navigate the evolving complexities of corporate law. Our team advises on public and private business restructuring, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), demergers and simplifications, bespoke company constitutional documents, joint ventures and shareholders’ agreements & exits, corporate tax, loan agreements and implementation of tax planning advice. Our integrated team includes experts in antitrust/competition law, and public policy.

Our experienced criminal lawyers provide first-rate advice and legal representation on matters of criminal law or procedure with a commitment to social justice. Across the entire spectrum of criminal law, from criminal proceedings to Appeals, we cover financial criminal law crimes, service crimes, cybercrime, workplace accidents, and trade and health ordinance breaches.

Fields of Expertise

We provide advice on general corporate banking, as well as real estate finance, asset-based lending supply chain finance, and acquisition finance. We work with our clients to identify problems, opportunities, and risks a priori, and give commercial guidance that extends beyond just a narrow legal view.
We help businesses grow, develop and achieve their set commercial and strategic objectives. We assist at every stage of a business’s life cycle from formation, sales and purchases of businesses and companies, public company mergers and acquisitions, stock exchange listings, expansion by acquisition, strategic alliances such as joint ventures and other strategic partnerships, capital raising, and ultimately a sale or other exit event.
Our data protection lawyers are experts at advising businesses on the extent of their compliance obligations and can support in-house counsel or data protection officers on GDPR compliance and how to deal with the National & European data protection regulator. GDPR applies throughout the EEA but can also apply to non-EEA organizations. We, therefore, advise international businesses about data protection and GDPR compliance.

We work with our clients to resolve any disagreements and conflicts they may be experiencing and prevent further financial or reputational damage to an individual or a business.

Whether you are a company director needing advice on your rights and obligations, or an employee wanting help dealing with a difficult situation at work, as skilled employment solicitors and HR professionals, such as Unfair and Constructive Dismissal, Settlement Agreements, Negotiated Exit Advice and Guidance, Disciplinary & Grievance, Redundancy Advice, Discrimination Claims, and whistleblowing.

We offer advice to energy clients on important aspects of their business. Our lawyers have broad transactional, regulatory, and litigation experience across many sectors of the energy industry, including oil and gas, electricity, solar biofuels and other renewable energy sources including NDAs for photovoltaic panels).
Whether you are after a business or personal immigration matter our lawyers can provide managed and advisory services and solutions delivered honestly and clearly. Our services include business immigration services covering investors and entrepreneurs, employers and employees, start-ups, small and medium-sized (SME) businesses, multinational corporations, universities and other educational establishments, logistics businesses, restaurants & hospitality businesses investors, on complex business immigration laws including global mobility, acting as a representative of an overseas business and more. We also advise on immigration for Individuals (settling, working, or studying in Greece); asylum, human rights & appeals and overstay; detention & the fast track process; and our lawyers can help migrants looking to invest or start a business in Greece.
We can help with family disputes, inheritance rights, dispute law, and general advice on probate law and the law of succession, and inheritance act claims. We provide advice on property and non-property-related personal issues including if a client hasn’t been provided for in a Will, or if they need to defend a claim.
We handle all aspects of intellectual property, including patent, copyright, trademark, and right of publicity litigation, copyright, trademark prosecution, brand management, patent prosecution and portfolio management, licensing domain name management, and interferences.
Our professional lawyers offer written formally expressed advice based on expert knowledge of advice on a plethora of legal issues, on the request of clients.
Our lawyers have drafted privatization laws, structured deals, developed multi-jurisdictional disclosure models, and negotiated the terms and conditions of numerous privatization transactions. We have helped clients achieve financing and have a deep understanding of what is on the line for businesses and other participants in the privatization process.
Our public procurement lawyers advise both bidders and contracting authorities on challenges arising from all sectors.
Our specialist team of public procurement lawyers advise on challenges arising from all sectors. We have extensive experience in dealing with Court proceedings involving all kinds of procurement disputes and in negotiating settlements in this area, including through mediation.
We provide a clear path through the most complex regulatory and compliance issues for a broad range of clients & sectors clients, with a particular focus on cross-border transactions. We can help clients understand their responsibilities, identify and manage risk, and lessen the impact of complex regulatory regimes on their transactions or day-to-day operations.
Our real estate lawyers provide advice on all aspects of any real estate asset or transaction, such as accessing finance or funding, Investing in real estate, acquisition of suitable land or assets, planning, environmental, and health and safety regulations, managing supply chain risk during construction, risk management, contract interpretation, drafting, and negotiation, efficient tax management.
We have extensive experience in a wide array of legal matters arising in the sports, media & entertainment industries and have served as trusted counsel to leading professional sports, teams, and athletes, high profile public personas and media powerhouses.
We provide tax planning and advice to clients, including major multinational corporations, large-scale privately-owned businesses, financial institutions, exempt organizations, and private individuals, including high net-worth individuals (HNWI). Our tax services include tax advice in connection with both domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other corporate transactions, global business structures, real estate investment and financing, finance and financial instruments, and dispute resolution and litigation.
Whistleblowing can be a stressful process for whistleblowers because they put their careers and livelihoods on the line to expose wrongdoing. At Tsianakas and Associates Law Firm we actively provide legal assistance for whistleblowers while protecting their reputation and career. Furthermore, understanding the complicated legal framework of whistleblowing is a difficult task. Setting up and operating a whistleblower system raises a host of legal issues relating to compliance, employment law and data protection law. We are capable of assisting you in analysing existing structures or implementing the necessary measures, including internal policies, thus helping you draft your whistleblowing policy. We can help with concerns such as changes to a business role, restriction of duties or demotion, dismissal, bullying and harassment, benefits and bonuses being withheld, hostile treatment, unfair accusations of poor performance, and pressure to resign, and can help our clients negotiate a suitable severance package. Our committed Lawyers undertake whistleblower cases of all types, complexity and gravitas. Each case is important to us. Our main goal is to achieve outstanding results in this very complex area of the law, while supporting our courageous clients. To further endorse whistleblowing in Greece, our firm has established a secure whistleblowing platform (link reportfraud website here), easily accessible and in compliance with new European whistleblower protection laws, with the purpose to report suspected ethical and compliance-related misconduct.