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Tsianakas & Associates is a forward-thinking Greek Law Firm with a track record of successfully supporting and advising top-tier national and multinational corporations, financial institutions, and HNWI. 

Fields of Expertise

Public & Administrative law is a crucial offering at Tsianakas & Associates, covering with the same solidity all fields of public law, both in its classic and most modern applications. We advise and represent our clients before courts in a wide range of large-scale projects in the areas of public procurement, energy law and environmental licensing.

Complex cases involving the protection of human rights, such as those related to administrative sanctions, disciplinary law, tax law, asylum applications are most successfully handled by our team before national and European authorities and courts.

Our approach of a second-to-none expertise reflects our work ethic and commitment to face successfully intricate issues for our clients with the ambition to assist in the formation of legal precedent before the Council of State.

We defend the interests of our clients by representing them both in out-of-court and in court resolution of civil and commercial law disputes. In Particular, we have extensive experience in legal matters of contract and real estate law, including sale and purchase agreements and donation of real estate, in legal cases of protection of movable and immovable property, as well as in the drafting of civil and commercial lease agreements. Furthermore, we handle cases in the fields of family and inheritance law,  labor law, torts and personality offences, professional liability and any kind of commercial transactions. Our dedicated and qualified associates have substantial experience in advising and representing clients at all levels of the civil courts, including the Supreme Court.

At Tsianakas & Associates, we understand that each business is unique, facing its own set of challenges and opportunities. Our approach is rooted in providing bespoke legal solutions that align with the specific needs and goals of our clients. Whether you are a startup seeking comprehensive legal counsel or a multinational corporation dealing with complex mergers and acquisitions, our team is dedicated to crafting strategies that safeguard your interests and foster your success.

Our experienced lawyers provide advice and legal representation in criminal law cases, covering the full legal spectrum, from the simplest criminal proceedings to representation before investigating authorities and courts of all levels. Indicatively, financial criminal law cases, service disciplinary proceedings, cybercrime cases, workplace accidents and breaches of commercial and health regulations are supported.

Legal Practices

We specialize in facilitating the growth, development, and attainment of predetermined commercial and strategic objectives for businesses. Our comprehensive assistance spans every phase of a business’s life cycle, encompassing key milestones such as formation, the acquisition and divestiture of businesses and companies, mergers and acquisitions involving publicly traded entities, listings on stock exchanges, expansion strategies through acquisitions, establishment and management of strategic alliances such as joint ventures and other partnerships, facilitation of capital raising initiatives, and culminating in the orchestration of sale transactions or other exit events.

We specialize in offering counsel within the purview of comprehensive corporate banking, encompassing real estate finance, asset-based lending, supply chain finance, and acquisition finance. Our engagement with clients involves a meticulous examination of prospective issues, opportunities, and risks, wherein we provide astute commercial guidance that transcends the confines of a narrow legal perspective. Our advisory services are underpinned by a rigorous legal framework, ensuring an anticipatory approach to legal considerations, and strategic alignment with the intricacies of corporate finance and transactions.

Our GDPR team specializes in personal data protection law and provide legal assistance related to the compliance of our clients with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They are involved in statutory compliance and risk mitigation practices of our clients related to the data protection legal and ethics framework, while being in charge of conducting training seminars in order to ensure privacy awareness of our clients’ staff and harmonize their operations with the provisions of the GDPR, while providing consulting support as part of our company’s duties as Data Protection Officer (DPO). They undertake the conduction of data protection impact assessments in the areas of health, cyber security, food and energy, in cooperation with bodies mainly on a national and European level, carry out the procedures foreseen before the competent Supervisory Authority to ensure the protection of the data protection related rights of our customers and represent them, in the formulation of privacy policies and any other type of policy related to privacy.

We work with our clients to resolve any disputes and conflicts they may face within the business and prevent further financial or reputational damage to an individual or the business itself.

Legal support is provided on the whole range of labor law, in particular: Advice regarding the employer’s obligations in accordance with the latest developments in labor law, support of employers and employees before the competent administrative authorities and the Courts, dealing with labor issues in cases of change of employer and mergers and acquisitions, drafting of Labor Regulations and individual employment contracts of employees and executives. In addition, collective and individual consultations are supported in the context of collective or company employment contracts and the settlement of working time.

The energy sector is one of the most challenging and fast-growing economic fields, with a lot of complex legal issues the potential investor has to deal with. We advise our energy clients with a high sense of academic synchronicity and professional duty on every important aspect of their businesses. Our team provides advice from the very first investment face to the final construction of their energy projects, on both transactional and regulatory issues. Notably, we have significantly high expertise in licensing and operation of renewable energy plants (RES). We represent clients before the Hellenic Competition Commission and the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Waste and Water.

Environmental law – especially in the times of European integration and climate change- is one of the most complex and dynamic law fields. Our team also has vast experience in handling environmental and regulatory law matters (licensing, urban planning and zoning, waste management, environmental impact assessment) that occur in complex and high-price transactions. Our lawyers also deal with the preparation of environmental terms approvals for both projects and activities. We represent NGOs and private actors on environmental disputes before the Greek Council of State.

Our law firm Tsianakas & Partners Law Firm deals systematically with immigration law.

We have handled  with a multitude of cases involving residence permits for property owners and investors. Obtaining golden visa is one of the main competences of our firm.

Our activities include:

– Guiding foreigners from all over the world in obtaining and renewing residence permits of all types, as well as special residence certificates

– Granting and renewal of residence permits to third country nationals and European citizens, of all types and all types of residence permits.

– Granting of Greek citizenship through the naturalization procedure

– Representation before the Judicial Authorities, as well as before all Public Authorities and services for all issues arising.

In case of decisions to reject the granting and renewal of residence permits, we proceed with the procedure of filing applications for annulment and suspension.

We provide advice and legal representation (out of court and in court) in family disputes and inheritance law cases. We undertake with dedication cases of dissolution of marriage consensually or by adversarial proceedings, settlements of financial disputes in the context of divorce as well as custody cases of minor children. We also support cases of inheritance and judicial protection of succession, publication and contestation of wills and proceedings for renunciation of inheritance.

We handle intellectual property matters, including various patents, copyrights, trademarks and publicity rights, copyright, trademark prosecution, brand management, patent prosecution and portfolio management, domain name management, licensing and interference.

Our professional lawyers offer formal written and expert advice on a wide range of legal matters, with responsibility, confidentiality, and discretion.

Our specialist team of public procurement lawyers advise on challenges arising from all sectors. We have extensive experience in dealing with Court proceedings involving all kinds of procurement disputes and in negotiating settlements in this area, including through mediation.

Our real estate lawyers provide advice on all aspects of any real estate asset or transaction, including access to finance, property investment, acquiring suitable land or assets, planning, environmental and health and safety regulations, general risk management, contract interpretation, drafting and negotiation, effective tax management.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of legal issues arising in the sports, media and entertainment sectors. We have advised leading teams and athletes, high-profile public figures and media representatives.

We provide tax planning and advice to clients including large multinational corporations, large-scale private companies, financial institutions, exempt organizations and individuals, including high net worth individuals (HNWIs). Our tax services include tax advice in relation to both domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other corporate transactions, global business structures, real estate investment and financing, financial and financial instruments and litigation resolution.

At Tsianakas and Associates Law Firm, we provide full legal support to whistleblowers on the basis of the EU Directive for the protection of Whistleblowers and the Greek Law 4990/2022. In addition, we assist the undertakings in understanding and applying the legal system of the reporting framework. We understand that the creation and operation of a whistleblowing system raises a multitude of legal issues related to areas of EU and national law, such as public procurement, data protection law or labour law. We are able to assist you in analysing the existing structures and implementing the necessary measures, including those relating to the internal reporting channel, thus helping you to draft your company’s respective whistleblowing policy. We undertake, with the help of our specialized partners, whistleblowing-related cases involving violations of all types, complexity and severity. Finally, we provide thorough information regarding the scope of the right of protection enjoyed by whistleblowers under Law 4990/2022. In order to strengthen the domestic effort to implement the new protection framework, our company has created a secure reporting platform (for the relevant reporting website, visit, easily accessible and in compliance with the European legislation.