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Christos Skotanis

Christos Skotanis


Christos began his professional career in the field of Law through the police, where he served for 18 years, holding various positions (commander – deputy commander), while gaining rich experience in security and law enforcement. However, after the challenges and experiences he acquired as a police officer, he decided to pursue his passion for justice and become a lawyer. Through this transition, he acquired valuable skills in the broader field of law, especially in criminal and administrative law.

Today, he possesses the experience, knowledge, and sense of justice gained from his years of involvement in the police force and later as a lawyer. It is worth noting that for many years, he was the one drafting criminal indictments, while now, having gathered all this knowledge, he is involved in the defense of defendants, making strong claims for their acquittal. With abilities such as research, analytical thinking, negotiation, and communication, he is ready to serve our clients with professional integrity and dedication.

Furthermore, he is equipped with programming skills and understanding of technological advancements and is fully familiar with the use of various software and applications that assist in the handling of legal cases.


  • Degree in Police Sciences, T.D.A. Didymoteicho (2005).
  • Degree in Hellenic Police Officers Academy (2019).
  • Degree in Law, School of Law, University of Athens (2022).


  • Criminal and Procedural Law.
  • General Administrative Law.


  • Greek
  • English
  • Italian